Notacon 8 Talk


Just got my Notacon 8 video loaded and ready. Press play, maximize, sit back, and watch it.



Are you just sitting there like a bump on a log? Has what to do been on your mind all day long even as you still just sit there? Perhaps the cure for what numbs your mind is a little taste of a boring website. As your mind starts to snap back, you realize you should go to the nearest web browser and type in or just click the link. The adventure awaits your wits, so have them at the ready.

Try it, if you dare…………….

News to Tell


I have some good news
Going to my first conference
Maybe I’ll see you

The Great Snowman Search Comes to an End


After two weeks the spy landed on a mysterious island. He was so exhausted and his supplies were gone so he decided to stay there for a few days. As he took his first step onto the island he heard a loud popping sound. Immediately he turned around and his life raft had been deflated. It appeared those few days would be more than he expected. Then the sun began to rise and he could see a small cabin on the horizon. Steam billowed out of the smokestack and there was a sweet smell of honey in the air.

The spy was moving stealthily towards the cabin to keep from being captured again. Now he stood less than two feet from the cabin. He could see in the back of the cabin a small window. He decided to look through it and see what was inside. He saw a table, a few kettles, a stove, and a plank that was broken in the floor. He decided that approaching the door would be a bad decision, so he took a rock and started picking away at the hard earth. After an hour of picking away at the ground, he had dug a hole right under the cabin. He jumped into the hole and thought he would come up through the broken plank but found a cellar beneath the cabin. There were chains which held up ancient skeletons to the walls. All of the sudden he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

The spy hid behind a pile of skeleton bones. Then suddenly there was no person coming down the stairs. Instead it was the snowman that appeared at the base of the stairs. The spy jumped out from behind the bones and hugged the snowman. The snowman motioned the spy to come up stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs he saw there were three other snowmen sitting down. The spy new that the snowman’s mom and dad were two of them. But who was the third? Did the snowman have a sister or brother? The spy was so confused.

The snowman finally spoke to the spy. He said “those you see are my mom, dad, and cousin.” The spy was shocked. The the snowman said “You must be confused why I can speak. The reason you don’t normally hear me talk is because I am really shy.” The spy stood there silently with his mouth wide open. Then all four of the snowmen started for the door. The spy followed them out the door. The snowmen walked to a frozen cavern on the edge of the sea. There was a boat made of ice sitting in the water which took up part of the cavern. Next to the boat made of ice there was a wooden dingy. The snowmen motioned him to get into the dingy while they got into the ice boat.

Both boats began to move and suddenly the snowman said “I am heading to the north pole. Tell the one who sent you I will be there. But, I will come visit him when the time has come.” The dingy moved south as the ice boat moved north. With a brilliant flash of light, the spy found himself where he had began his journey and the dingy had disappeared. He found the boy and told him what the snowman had said along with the tale of his journey.

Countdown to Notacon 8


If you haven’t already heard, I will be going Notacon 8 in Cleveland. For any of you who don’t know what Notacon is, it is a non-traditional hacker conference that focuses on technology, art, and life. Why am I going to Notacon you ask? I am going to give a talk called “One Bad Cookie” with ghostnomad. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people. From the schedule it looks like there will be talks on developing video games which I surely will want to hear. My talk at Notacon will either be on April 15 or the 16th. I should be easy to spot if you are there because I have a really cool shirt I designed for the occasion. Stop by and say hello, I want to have a really fun experience at my first conference.


See you soon……. ghostnomadjr and ghostnomad

A Fun Game


Chess is very fun
I play it all day and night
White gets the first turn

The Great Snowman Search Continues


As our spy awakes, a very sharp pain rips through his head. He hears something in the background of the room. Unable to see clearly yet, he walked over to where he heard the sound. The sound seemed to be coming from the TV. Finally being able to see clearly he saw that there was a story on the news that there had been 18 robberies around Tokyo. Realizing he was in a bank, it must be the ninjas who were robbing people, and knew he must escape from their lair. Then he saw a snow globe sitting on the desk which had a snowman inside.

He put the snow globe into his bag and then looked  for a way out. He saw a broken window in the back of the office that led to an alleyway. Since he could hear police sirens getting closer he decided that was his best way out. Finally slipping out of the window he headed up the alleyway, in the opposite direction of the sirens. After what seemed like hours he reached a small dock. Suddenly from the fog a boat appeared at the dock. He decided to ask the Captain if he could have a ride. The Captain was a salty scallywag with a mysterious mask over his face. He offered to take the spy aboard if he didn’t mind going to the North Pole.

The spy accepted the Captains offer, for he knew the snowman would be at the north pole. One of the crew members showed the spy to his quarters where he would sleep for the long cold journey north. The spy knew the next day would be a long day so he decided to take a nap. In the middle of the night he could hear footsteps coming into his sleeping quarters. Barely awake he could make out the figure of the Captain in the shadows. Suddenly the Captain started at him with a burlap sack. Right when the spy was about to be sacked it seemed like everything around him had froze and the snow globe was glowing.

The spy knew the Captain would thaw out soon so he went up on the main deck and took a cube from his belt which he threw at the water. The cube turned into a life raft upon contact with the waters surface. The spy jumped overboard into the life raft and started paddling northward.

Ode to Paper


Paper is helpful
Comes from a natural tree
It is also white



I love the drumsticks
During the thanksgiving feast
They are so meaty

The Great Snowman Search Begins


Weeks and weeks have past since I’ve last seen the snowman. So I decided to send a spy after the snowman to make sure he’s okay. The spy set off to find the snowman by following the soggy trail. The spy went to Mississippi and found a warehouse that looked exactly like the warehouse I had met the snowman in. When he went inside he saw a clock, but this wasn’t a normal clock. This clock was attached to dynamite and was set to go off in ten seconds. He ran to the door as fast as he could, but when he got there it slammed shut and sounded as if someone outside was barring it.

The spy saw a shadow behind him, which was not a human shadow but a snowman’s shadow. It was the snowman! The snowman raced to the dynamite took off a little of his snow and threw it on top of the bomb. Sparks shot up and it was clear the dynamite had been disabled by the snow. Before the spy could even get a good look at the snowman, he was gone, vanished like the wind. A ninja grabbed him from behind and threw him across a desk. This time he hit his head while sliding across the desk and his world went black.

The spy didn’t know what to do next. There was no trail to follow. He had no way of getting back home. His only hope was to find the snowman and ask him for directions. An hour had passed when he was finally able to escape from the warehouse. He set off to North Pole. While he was climbing a huge mountain in Canada, there was a huge blizzard that nearly blew him off the mountain. Luckily he found a formation of rocks that had a hole which was suitable for protecting him from the blizzard.

When the blizzard cleared, he was able to see sun light peaking through the hole in the rocks. Then, suddenly, it went dark. It seems that a large boulder covered the hole. Soon, green goo started seeping down the sides of the boulder. Then the spy tried to push away the boulder, but the green goo got on his boots and burned a hole in the toe of his boot. He decided to stay away from the green goo. Then he had an idea, if he could use a rock shaped like a cup to collect the goo he could melt the snow and dig a hole out of the mountain. Hours passed, but finally he broke out the side of the mountain.

Next he decided he should travel to Japan on his way to the North Pole. While in Japan, he was captured by a band of rogue ninjas who knocked him unconscious. He woke up in a bank vault where the door was left standing open. Still feeling a little woozy from the blow to his head, he walked out of the vault. Sirens began to blare, but instead of police men coming to the scene it was the ninjas who had knocked him unconscious. He looked up and noticed something. There was a sign that said “Police Station” with a red X through it and words underneath saying “Ninja Secret Hideout”.

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